DICHO AL HECHO® - A Wail Of A Game

As a family of seven brothers, born and raised in the Lincoln Heights community nestled in the city of Los Angeles, we've designed a Spanish enrichment game based on "dichos".  The
DICHO AL HECHO® - Family Interaction Game is fun, educational, interactive, versatile, and timeless.  The instructions and game play are bilingual in English/Spanish and there is also a Spanish only version.

The focus is on a highly valued, popular, and best-practiced tradition in the community. The DICHO AL HECHO®
 game is charted to access and transmit the rich heritage and wisdom of "dichos" embraced by the Latino community.  Because "dichos" have an endearing and enduring trajectory, they serve as landmarks for clarity, guidance, and learning.  To this day, there exist a myriad compilation of "dichos", some dating as far back as 500 plus years! Their communicational and pedagogical intent remain intact: to cultivate and infuse valuable lessons.  These indelible lessons are based on advise and life experiences revered by past generations, and can once again be revisited and enkindled when playing DICHO AL HECHO®. 

This inviting and engaging Spanish enrichment game is intrinsically modeled to teach. As the players maneuver through the game board, there emerges the opportunities to share and exchange their talents, creativity, and experiences. In turn, this collectivity facilitates an openness to broaden and enhance the level of understanding, insight, and appreciation. The
DICHO AL HECHO® game is user-friendly and champions vocabulary in English and Spanish, communication and social skills, self-esteem, decision making, team building, and cultural awareness.  With its three-tier version levels: entry, intermediate, and advance, the game also cognitively emphasizes higher-order and executive functioning skills. It truly is a wail of a keen game!

DICHO AL HECHO® game is very much in alignment with preparing for life's challenges and expectations. Serving as a vade mecum, the game presents a wealth of possibilities in which to promote, reinforce, and instill learning, while simultaneously fostering social etiquette. This endeavor is achieved by the game's interactive modality and its adaptability and versatility for application in diverse settings: family gatherings, community social group events, learning and recreational centers, counseling agencies, libraries and schools, making DICHO AL HECHO® a highly desirable, alternative pastime and educational resource/supplement.

In total, the
board game amounts to a win-win experience for all participants.

We are diligently seeking to advance DICHO AL HECHO® to the next level. The goal is to have the game readily available and in wide-scale distribution both locally and abroad.  At this time, to bridge a partnership and/or sponsorship with an investor, organization, publishing company, or manufacturing firm would make it possible to accomplish this goal and outreach.

Any suggestions and/or resources would be most graciously appreciated.  We thank you kindly in advance.